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Technical analysis of slitting machine blades

Author:Hongsheng Date:2019-08-12 10:28   
Technical analysis of slitting machine blades
    The slitting machine blade is mainly used for metal sheet and strip production line. It adopts materials with stable material high-speed cutting tool steel SKD, SKH, tungsten steel, etc. After a complete vacuum heat treatment process, the hardness is uniform and precision processing is made. . The slitter blade is the most important part of the splitter holder, and its processing precision is even more demanding. For the plane, it needs to be super-precision plane grinding machine, which is ground by special grinding method and strictly controlled to ensure the thickness of all finished products and the flatness is within 0.003mm (max). In the complete slitting knife set, it also includes spacers, gaskets and the like. The main purpose is to maintain a certain width between the circular blades, and to adjust the horizontal gap between the upper and lower blades. The thickness of the common gasket is between 0.8mm and 150mm. Its hardness is above 45 degrees HRC regardless of the thickness specification, preventing scratches and scratches, and the shape is strong and durable. The thickness tolerance is also required to be within 0.003 mm. The inner hole and the outer surface are blackened to effectively improve the rust prevention performance.
How the cutting blade works
    Due to the function of the slitting machine of the packaging material, the slitting machine mainly divides the raw materials into a plurality of independent narrow strips, and then rewinds into the required commodities. Due to the working principle of the slitting, the standard material is fixed on the discharging shaft and then pulled by the rubber roller, so that the slitting machine blade which is rotated at a high speed can cut the material into several pieces, and the final winding reel is used for winding the finished product. Therefore, the slitting machine blade plays a vital role in the quality. The quality of the slitting material and whether the slitting is mainly smooth depends on the sharpness and durability of the cutter.
    Slitting machine At present, the slitting machine on the domestic market is composed of the following parts.
1: Rack and transmission system: It consists of wall plate and support and discharge machinery. The transmission system is mainly used for traction packaging materials. It is run by variable frequency stepless motor traction rubber roller. When the lower cutting machine blade is driven by the active traction roller, The slitting process can be successfully completed, and the high-quality slitting machine blade can achieve better cutting requirements;
2: receiving mechanism and tension device: the receiving mechanism mainly has a synchronous belt, a synchronous wheel, a magnetic powder clutch, and an air expansion shaft, and the function is to change the tension of the receiving shaft;
3: Traction member: mainly consists of traction rubber roller and aluminum roller, which is used for collecting raw materials for winding of finished products;
4: slitting cutter holder: the slitting cutter holder has a slitting machine blade, and a circular axial movement is used to adjust the cutting gap between the circular cutting edge and the groove of the cushion sleeve;
5: Discharge mechanism and automatic rectification: mainly consists of discharge shaft, support block, cylinder, base and rectifying guide roller, reversing moving plate, ball nut and screw.