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Description of the structural advantages of the slitting machine

Author:Hongsheng Date:2019-07-31 17:26   
Description of the structural advantages of the slitting machine
    The middle of the paper tube slitting machine is equipped with a spindle for processing a paper tube. The front end of the spindle is fixed on the base by a set of bearings, and a pulley is installed in the middle of a set of bearings; a compression cylinder is installed at a position close to the base, and the support of the cylinder The upper end of the rod is fitted with a set of support rod bearings to support the main shaft.
    A main cutter shaft is mounted on the upper end of the paper tube slitter, and a plurality of blades are arranged thereon, and arranged according to a certain gap; a support frame of the main cutter shaft is further disposed at the top of the paper tube slitter, and the support frame is A support cylinder is installed in the middle. When there is a film on the slitter, when changing the joint, use the vacuum filming table to start the filming station to the working position, manually flatten the film on the first pulling roller of the slitting machine and start the upper vacuum pump to make the film Smoothly adsorbed on the filming station, affix double-sided tape and cut off the excess film under the tape, flatten the film on the unwinding frame and start the lower vacuum pump to make the film flat, absorb the paper layer on the tape and flatten it. Mucous membranes, joints should be neat, wrinkle-free, then turn off the upper and lower vacuum pumps, and open the filming station to the inoperative position.
Description of the control principle of the slitting machine
    For the essence of constant tension control during rewinding and unwinding, it is necessary to know the change of the winding diameter of the load during operation. Due to the change of the winding diameter, in order to maintain the operation of the load, the output torque of the motor needs to follow the change of the winding diameter. And change. For the V series inverter, since the torque control can be performed, the control of the winding constant tension can be completed. V series inverters provide three analog input ports, AUI, AVI and ACI. These three analog inputs can be defined as multiple functions, so one can be selected as the torque reference and the other as the speed limit. 0~10v corresponds to the inverter output 0~ motor rated torque, so that the constant tension can be controlled by adjusting the voltage of 0~10v. Duyu slitting machine, the calculation of the diameter of the coil is calculated by the tension controller, of course, using the PLC architecture to achieve is no problem. That is to say, by setting the tension on the man machine or text, and calculating the coil diameter through the PLC, T=F*D/2, the torque required for the motor output can be calculated, and the V series inverter can be connected through the analog output. The torque reference terminal is fine. Synchronous speed calculation of the slitter manufacturer Because we know that the inverter works at low frequency, the characteristics of the AC asynchronous motor of the slitter are not good, the activation torque is low and the linearity is linear, so it is necessary to avoid winding up during the whole process of winding. The motor works below 2HZ. Therefore, the winding motor has a minimum speed limit.