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Which products can be slitted by the slitter

Author:Hongsheng Date:2019-07-31 17:26   
Which products can be slitted by the slitter
1. Small and wide product slitting: Since the mechanical equipment used for winding is not equipped with slitting device, the trimming and slitting work of the product becomes the basic operation function of the slitting machine for slitting small and wide products. Trimming refers to the removal of portions of the original fabric that do not meet the requirements; slitting is the slitting of a full width fabric into a narrower width product. The minimum width that can be actually cut is related to the model and the cutting tool used, mostly within 80 to 100 mm.
2. Paper tube product slitting: Roll paper is a paper roll that is made by a paper machine and cut and rolled by a winder to meet the national standard or the width and diameter of the user's requirements. The general web machinery does not have the operation of slitting the web during the operation, and the slitting of such products mainly passes the rewinding machine and the paper of the web. The slitting machine is integrated through front and rear. Of course, there is also a special paper slitting. After the rewinder operation is completed, the slitting machine is used for the slitting operation.
3, small paper products cut: utility: consumption punch small paper, consumer roll toilet paper. Advantages: Punching, winding, and cutting are stopped at the same time. It can be installed with pneumatic synchronous paper feeding, air shaft winding and embossing.
Slitting machine has high production efficiency and simple operation
    The X6's double-sided slitter is suitable for converters for film production and flexible materials. The X6 is capable of handling a variety of films, foils, papers and laminates. The universal X6 slitter is designed to make the perfect cutting belt again and again. This versatile machine features a universal closed-loop total tension control system that ensures consistent and repeatable roll tension curves. With digital AC vector drive and integrated control systems, the machine offers unprecedented control while being simple and user friendly.
    Integration technology enables remote diagnostics to simplify ongoing support anywhere in the world. Trimming the slitting machine from the van; Mark is built tough and will provide years of reliable, trouble-free operation. Designed to sew, perforate and reinforce the most coils and sheets, the trimming slitter is one that anyone must carry out light to heavy material handling. The trimming slitter is a rugged precision machine designed for demanding on-the-go use. The device is fully anodized to maintain its integrity, good appearance and functionality over the years, no matter what the weather.
    Type C includes 2 axes, and the slitter model shows the slitter with optional HD motion kit and perforated rolls. Available in 14, 24 models. For a wide range of models up to 72; see our industrial slitting machine. Please be assured that we have the right slitting for your needs. Tailoring the slitter distance Mark is a real design to save you time and money, whether it's at work or a tool in the workshop.
    Electronic slitter efficiency can reduce setup time and improve seam quality throughout the network with award-winning electronics. This industry-leading all-electronics excels at the responsibility of light gray standards, and today finds out how fine-tuning slitters can increase your productivity and profitability at the same time. The high-performance series of slitting knives provide faster setup, increased productivity and unmatched quality of finished rolls. The revolutionary high performance range is available in three sizes to suit a wide range of applications.
    The slitter operation is divided into a series of crushing performance and series crushing, which is very suitable for providing a network with narrow stability and durability required for crushing applications. Precision Locking and Crushing Slitting Machines These crushing machines are powerful and affordable. Made of durable die-cast metal and high-quality materials, precision lock slitting cutters are suitable for typical eyebrows. The U-series high-speed slitter and wide-format A-cutting machine (European God Slitting Machine) is Dahua Hong Kong. Cooperating with German advanced technology, adopting the latest development of digital control technology for mechatronics and high-speed CNC cutting machine. This machine can complete the film production line or the second cutting, which is an ideal alternative to the imported slitting machine.